Future Business Leaders of America

What is FBLA?

FBLA is a high school club that reaches out to students of the United States and other countries as well to help them prepare for the business world. FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America. It is a nonprofit organization that helps young adults in high school prepare for their future career in business, and also have a fun and happy experience in high school as well.

In FBLA, you develop your business etiquette through the competitions the district, state, and national leaderships provide. There are many competitions, and a variety of what type of business you would like to do. My competition I chose to do was an electronic career portfolio. And in this competition I have to chose a career that I will pursue in the future, and will describe it, and my personal advancement towards an opportunity that will lead me to the occupation I have planned. My electronic career portfolio describes me in many ways. It shows the clubs I have participated in, the jobs I have had in the past and the present, it shows pretty much my resume in general.

I am a mature high school student that would like to obtain a part-time internship to help advance my knowledge towards hospitality management for my future. I am seventeen years old, and currently working at Devil’s Pool Restaurant at Big Cedar as a hostess. I started Big Cedar in March 2014 after I resigned from McDonald’s in Hollister, Missouri. I started McDonald’s July 2013 when I was fifteen years old after my mom had passed. I worked there up until late February of 2014 and began my new job at Big Cedar and have enjoyed it a lot better there than at McDonald’s.

2nd Job!


At McDonald’s, my job duties as a cashier were to replace inventory, take customer orders. greet customers and also sanitize all kitchen areas, and as well as dining room areas. At Devil’s Pool Restaurant, I was originally hired as a Server’s Assistant, then was advanced to a closing hostess. My job duties as a server’s assistant was to bus and clean tables, help server’s out, and so much more. Now, as a hostess, I am in charge of providing proper seating requirements, making reservations, assisting room service when needed, and helping guest with any conflicts that the guests could possibly have.

Some business programs I have taken and worked with  to help advance me towards an opportunity in this occupation field would be: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Access. These will help me in Hospitality Management, because it is something I will have to use throughout the career for multiple reasons, such as, making schedules, presenting new business ideas, etc. Some clubs that could help towards this as well, would be FBLA, and FCCLA. I have already mentioned what FBLA is, but FCCLA stands for Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America. FBLA prepares you for this on the business side of the occupation, but FCCLA prepares you for the Community feeling and family as well. By this, I mean that when you go in a restaurant, you expect it to make you feel welcome, and kind of at home (But better). FCCLA focuses on the family and community, so it would be a good idea to join these two clubs, if you plan on going into the Hospitality Management field.

Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America

What is Hospitality Management? It is a part of the service industry. Which means, that it is filled with companies and organizations, such as resorts and restaurants, that help provide accommodations, and food and drink as well to people who are away from their home. It has four different sections, depending on which part of the service you would like to do. There is Food and Beverage, Lodging, Recreation, and last but not least,  Travel and Tourism. The Food and Beverage section is the one I would like to pursue, mostly because I have already worked in that area before, The Food and Beverage sections consist of a business that provides food for guest and customers. Lodging management is the management is just a place where people sleep for more than one night when they are away from home. Recreation Management is in charge of any activity that people do for enjoyment or rest. Then, Travel and Tourism are the businesses that provide services for people who are traveling. These four different sectors are all very important to the hospitality management field. The objective for this field is to make guest feel welcome, but also ensuring that the budget is met and contained.

To obtain a career in this field, you need at least an associate’s, a bachelor’s and/or a Master’s.  When studying for your associates degree, some course topics you might go through would be: Beverage Service, Sanitation, Marketing, Lodging Industry, and Event Planning. Some popular career options with an associate’s degree would be a dining room supervisor, a banquet manager, a guest services manager, and an assistant food and beverage manager. Then, for your bachelor’s degree you would study all of the associates topics, as well as food safety and sanitation, food and beverage cost controls, food service production and marketing, hospitality accounting, hospitality industry law, and customer service  management. And, some career options would be a catering supervisor, a school meal planner, and a restaurant manager. Then, for your master’s degree you need to take all of the above coursework and, decision making and leadership, corporate managerial finance, event planning, event marketing concepts and analysis, and tourism issues and strategies. With a master’s degree, you could receive a job as a director of special events. lodging manager, event producer and a meeting and convention manager.

Since I would like to be a food and beverage manager, I feel that I should tell you some facts about what they do. The average summary of pay is $47, 960 a year, and the expected growth rate from 2012-2022 is 2%. This is not a very high rate of employment, but in some cities there could possibly be more job opportunities.

To also help me get more advancement in this career, I job shadowed my General Manager, Ryan Hughes, to see what he does throughout the day as a restaurant manager, Most of the time, his job duties were to assist all employees in the restaurant when needed. He also had to give discounts, and comps as well if there are any mess ups on food for the guest. They also have to give those out as well if they don’t feel as if their dinner night went great. His job as a manager is to ensure that they guest are pleased and happy with their stay at the Devil’s Pool Restaurant.

I also job shadowed the Food and Beverage Manager of Big Cedar Lodge. He is in charge of all of the food outlets that are at the resort. His job duties are to make sure that all managers are doing their jobs at their restaurant, make sure that budgets are met, in charge of scheduling, and also knowing all the job duties of every employee at every restaurant. This is a very important job to the restaurants, and to the lodge as whole.

This is a description of what I do in FBLA. I feel that the Future Business Leaders of America club has helped me improve my knowledge and business skills. I am very thankful that I joined this club. It has helped me gain knowledge on a career I would like to pursue in life later on in the future, I could not thank Mrs. Perry (Our club facilitator) for getting me to join this club, and to help me make the dream of placing at state come true. Joining Future Business Leaders of America would be a great idea to do when you get in high school, and I strongly advise it, especially if you plan on having a career in business. Join FBLA!

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