Realm of the Mad God: The Man The Myth The Legend (Mostly Legends)

Realm of the Mad God: Mystery and Lore


Player Made Lore:
Wizard: There once lived a Wizard with his wife. They lived in a cabin. The Wizard was poor and had nothing but a priced, purple hat and his robe to protect him.

He left the cabin to find some wood for them to use for cooking, when suddenly his cabin was attacked by Oryx’s Bandits. His wife screamed as loudly as she could. The Wizard heard her and hurriedly ran to the cabin. When he got there, his wife was stabbed and killed. He was so angry that he killed the Bandits with a “wooden staff” he found in the forest.

He trained using Projectile Spells so he could avenge his dead wife. He was thinking that if he could kill Oryx himself, that his triumph would be a great success. He then realized that he couldn’t: he needed help from others to kill Oryx.

Warrior :  The mightiest in every aspect of close combat. Besides the knights, they are the most menacing and destructive forces in the Realm. They deal an alarming rate of damage, and make enemies who face them experience a bloody hell.

The knights are the defensive fighters, and the warriors are the offensive fighters. The warrior commands the group and leads the others with a cue on when to charge. Given the signal they ruthlessly rush through the thick sea of enemies and unleash a powerful, smiting force.

Warriors don’t carry shields, but instead wear ancient damaged helmets from the legendary fighters of their ancestors, as a remembrance and an inspiration for the ones who went to defend the kingdom at the cost of their lives.

Knight : Ah, The knights. Favored for the most durable fighters of the battlefield. Besides the warriors, they have been dreaded by the enemies for their bulwark-like armor; An unstoppable moving thick wall made of titanium. They carry a shield that is slapped upon the face of the enemies hard enough to make them dizzy. This gives the knights some time to focus on slicing and poking.

Before the wizards were discovered, they were useless and weak against magical enemies. But now, they can fight in steel and magic, and the magic ones that they used to fear are now hiding, waiting for the right chance for the dark power to once again overcome the forces of good.


Archer : The archer grew up with a normal life. He was a young, a 15-year-old boy, and practiced every day since he could hold a bow. He had a sense of humor and defiance to him. He wore the traditional hunter’s tunic and he never left home without his lucky green cap that he fashioned from old yarn. His dad trained him so well that he never missed a shot. When he was 12, he was given his own quiver and sets upon sets of arrows.

One day, when he was just about to shoot a practice target, he spied a man frantically galloping towards the cabin. It was a king’s man. He told the young archer about Oryx and a rebel alliance that had gathered with a wizard to fight Oryx. The King’s man begged for help. With his confidence, the young archer took his supplies and went to meet the wizard.

Priest : One priest was famous in his country for his healing powers that he had acquired through strong religion. He made a job of healing the wounded and sick in his chapel. He did this with a blessed stick he bathed in holy water. He also had a holy tome. He was a middle-aged man who wore his priestly robes and had a balding spot in the middle of his dark brown hair. He carried his tome and “wand” wherever he went. His wand had a square diamond fashioned at the top.

One day, while he was praying, a king’s man approached him and told him he was needed to fight Oryx. After a requested hour of tranquility and prayer, he said his God approved him of fighting. At that moment his wand became a weapon rather than a healing tool and he was escorted to meet the Archer and Wizard who were in waiting for the other promised fighters.

Rogue : The rogue was infamous in his country for being the man who held the record for doing the most crimes. Before he was caught, he was running wild in his country, looting and killing with his dagger and speed. He always wore his cloak and his leather armor to protect him. He was a man of 29. He had a dark blonde buzz cut and wore a doo-rag around his face to hide his identity.

One day while he was sitting in jail, a king’s man was brought in to visit him. The man paid his bail and told him about Oryx. After some arguing he reluctantly was taken to meet group that was waiting for him and others.

Paladin : The paladin was adored by all people in his country. He was a rank created only by the king of his country. He was a man of 31, with blonde hair, gold armor, and a gold crown. He was given the gold crown by the king himself. He carried a shield and a very unusual item. Many thought it was a belt buckle – it acted as one and was the same size as one, but it was really something much greater: a seal. The seal, when gripped, emitted a strange radiance which healed all those around him. The paladin was famous for taking down strong knights.

One day while the paladin was having his weekly visit with the king, the king told him of Oryx. The paladin agreed to fight for his good friend and was escorted by a king’s man to meet the knight, the warrior, the rogue, the wizard, the priest, and the archer.

Assassin : The assassin was just that: an assassin. He was a trained and skilled killer. He killed people the king wanted out of the way. He was a man of 34, and wore a bright red doo-rag around his face to shield his identity from civilians. He had an honorable and trustworthy personality. He killed with his dagger and poison.

One day while he was off duty, he was approached by a king’s man. The king’s man told him of Oryx. He was told where to meet the others.Necromancer : The necromancer was a mysterious chap. He had no friends, no family, and lived in solitude while he worked on dark magic. He devoted so much of his life to dark magic and soul-sucking for an unknown reason, almost as if he had promised someone he would

exercise the practice. Perhaps he made some kind of deal with Ms. Schull, the devil.

He killed anyone who was trespassing on his property using an odd skull that possessed strange powers, and a staff with projectile abilities. He was the master of life and death, and he understood evil. He understood its’ ways, but also understood good. No one knew his age, but it was assumed he was male from his deep, booming voice. He rarely spoke, but when he did, it was in a deep and grim thunder.

One day, a king’s man cautiously stepped up to his door and knocked on it. The door immediately swung open, and there stood the necromancer in his purple robe.The robe accented his sickly glowing yellow eyes. The king’s man told the necromancer of Oryx, and then the necromancer was had to swear that he would never hurt his allies; he only heal them with his magic. After the oath, he joined the other fighters.

Huntress : The huntress was just as skilled in archery as the archer. However, she used a trap instead of a quiver. The archer and huntress were actually quite good friends from two different countries. They passed messages back and forth, so often that they tired the message-senders. She was nearly the Archer’s age, but managed to bring down the mightiest beasts with her traps. This made her famous in her country, as she could easily deal with bears, and anything else that plagued the country.

The king was fond of her too, so when Oryx came about, he looked right to her to serve in the battle. After the king met with her to tell her of Oryx, she agreed to join the others in battle.

Mystic : The mystic was a psychic who used orbs to tell others of their future. She was 42 and was famous for defeating demons that rested in peoples’ souls. Many liked her because she had a sweet personality. Unknown to others, she usually spent her time looting people and pick-pocketing them. When people felt their wallet sliding out, she would whip out her staff and strike them dead.

One day while she was strolling through town, she saw the king and his guards. They stopped when they got to her and she thought she was to be arrested. The king looked her right in they

eyes and made her a deal: if she were to fight Oryx, her charges would be dropped. So she took one of her best orbs and was taken to where the rest of the heroes were all waiting to be sent into the realm.


Trickster : Alongside the mystic was the trickster, who lived in the same country. The two had a lot in common; they liked looting and stealing from others. However, the trickster was more cruel and killed more people with his dagger and prism. He did this by distracting them with the prism. Once baffled, he would kill them and take their money. He too, joined the mystic in the quest for Oryx.

Sorcerer : The sorcerer was the most powerful magic-user in the world; he used his scepter to bring down his enemies. He wore a similar robe to that of the necromancer, but his was red. His scepter was much more powerful than any wand or staff. He was famed in his country for his mastery and magic skills.

So when Oryx showed his ugly face, the king looked directly towards the sorcerer for help. The sorcerer was told to go to meet the trickster, mystic, huntress, necromancer, assassin, paladin, knight, warrior, rogue, wizard, priest, and archer, who were all prepared to defeat Oryx at his kingdom.

Ninja : The ninja was a young 16-year-old boy when he learned his superior fighting skills. Unlike any other class, he was the only one of his kind living in the world. He turned evil after some of Oryx’s minions hypnotized him.

Even though he had turned to the dark side, he always helped the people in need. He made sure that his face was hidden, to hide his identity. He wielded a razor-sharp katana and a throwing star. He lived in the sewer and only was seen at night.

One day, the king’s man asked him to help the sorcerer, trickster, mystic, huntress, necromancer, assassin, paladin, knight, warrior, rogue, wizard, priest, and archer who waited for him to help join the king’s army and take Oryx down. He agreed.

The group was now complete. They were a team now, and they were ready to fight Oryx. The king gave them a ride to Oryx’s castle gates, and gave them all farewell high five. Sweet. They looked at each other, for possibly the last time, and gave a war-like yell as they charged the castle.


Oryx : Oryx is actually more than one figure. Oryx refers to a line of evil warlords, each hand picked and trained by the Oryx before him. The first Oryx set up this system in order “live forever”. Oryx is always looking for an adventurer willing to make the sacrifices to replace him. Usually, he takes a necromancer under his wing: the dark masters of death magic, who always seem to be drawn to Oryx’s power.


Brute of Oryx : One time, while Oryx was battling those who were in his castle, he captured a knight.

The rest couldn’t save the knight because Oryx left the battle, and quickly destroyed the realm, killing the rest and sending them back to the Nexus. Oryx used the knight as bait for others to come to his castle. However, the knight wouldn’t cooperate at first. Oryx had to mentally torture him so that he would talk. Oryx dug up old, bitter memories from the knight and made his bad experiences seem a thousand times worse. This drained the purity from the once chivalrous knight. He was now pure evil. The knight looked back upon his memories of his fellow warriors making fun of him, and he wanted revenge. Oryx saw this and decided on a new plan, he would make this knight a powerful minion. He used dark magic to make him much stronger. He then looked upon his inventory of black, thick armor. Oryx gave him the strongest armor he could find. When his allies came to save the knight, they saw him at the beginning of the castle incredibly strong and pulsing with clouds of dark, evil magic. Because the knight looked so badass, Oryx decided to duplicate him using his magic.




Christopher Paolini, Linguine

The griffon flew overhead screeching with hatred for all of the world. Nothing had ever been done to the griffon, however, the griffon had been exposed to humans ever since it could remember, it had contracted greed, hatred, and loathing for everything that stands in his way. He was like this until the day he died, but he wasn’t like this in the beginning. In the beginning he was just as optimistic as any toddler or child is, he even had a human friend. That human friend was what changed everything for the griffon. 20 years prior:  The egg twitched and shook, and began to crack, the young griffon began to force it’s egg tooth outside of the newly formed hole, it forced it’s head through the hole causing more cracks to go throughout the eggshell opened his eyes and saw it’s mother gazing down upon the egg, watching it break. The young griffon looked around and saw that he was the only egg, and then he looked back at his mother and then he noticed the small funny creature next to his mother, standing on two legs and about what he guessed three feet tall would be. He looked at it and it looked back at him, but then it went black.

Michio Kaku

Michio Kaku, the author of Physics of the Impossible, or at least that’s what I know of him so far, is an author that is matter of fact and talks in a scientific way that makes you feel stupid for thinking the opposite. I however, like his writing style. I say this because in the contents there are three main points, with fifteen points under them, those three main points being, Class 1 Impossibilities, and underneath class one impossibilities there are almost every thing that we’ve come to hope for due to science fiction, with the first of the main points he takes your childhood and shoots it in the face. Force Fields, Death Stars, Teleportation, Psychokinesis, and Anti-matter all aspects of your science fiction knowledge, all of it, dead, face down in the water. But, he does it in a way that makes you feel stupid for believing in that being possible in the first place, and I, personally think it’s awesome. It makes him seem like he’s intellectually capable of disproving this, but it also seems like he’s sad that it’s impossible. It’s almost as if he’s disproving them just to entice the scientist in all of us to try and prove him wrong, he wants us to prove him wrong, but how can we when he easily states the facts that disallow us to prove it. His writing style is a dare. It’s not really a work of writing, it’s a 340 challenge of wits, with the prize being all of the things he stated as impossible. I think that the risk is well worth the return, but the return is so, well, finicky, that it would take too much time, moving an object atom by atom through space and then recreating it on the other side isn’t impossible, instantaneous teleportation is unrealistic and impossible, but delayed teleportation is completely possible. It can happen, it could easily been done, especially if we get all of the greatest minds to focus on one particular problem, then it would be solved extremely quickly, it would be amazing. However, the real point is the author, he writes in a way that is challenging, but challenges you in a way that you can never beat him. It’s a big goose chase. A big intellectual maze that has no end, that has no prize other than the continuation of proving what he states in his book.