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Ray Allen, for three! You can categorize the man as a 3-PT specialist, Money, a record breaker, or in the other teams case, trouble. He can get on fire real quick. The man has the most threes made in a career. He was part of Boston’s Big Three. Along side Garnett and Pierce they were a dominating force. He shows up early everyday for his pregame shoot-around ritual. In our world today, the media has a huge grasp on our lives. One of the biggest influences the media has to the public is through sports. When you think of sports you think of the athletes. What athletes do you think of? Peyton Manning, Derek Jeter, or Lebron James? The next thing you think of are your role models, the people you want to be just like, the real reason you love a sport, a team, or the player. This person could be an ex-player, an active player, even someone who just sits on the bench. The media is great at showing you the coverage for these athletes. The media also allows us to see the coverage on college athletes getting paid. Should they? It’s a great topic to discuss. Allow of the sports athletes, and analyst say they should, but college students say that they shouldn’t. The students say that they already get scholarships, which not all of them actually do, but students get scholarships too. They even let you know the most famous or looked up to athletes in our country. Some of those athletes are Lebron James, Tim Tebow, and Tom Brady.

In the sports world today, we all have a hero. Someone we want to be. You may want to be like Mike, or you may want to be the Hometown Hero, but of all the athletes there are, you want to be like one of them. In the US, the most looked up to athlete, surprisingly to some, is Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow isn’t just known for his playing, or Tebowing, but his behind the scenes life. He has his own ministry and is spreading his faith to people all over the world.Not only does he do that, but he has been a sports analyst since playing football. Also, another very awesome thing is that Tim Tebow was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles. He will be getting another shot to play in the NFL. Another athlete you think of is Tom Brady who has been in the NFL forever. He’s won a lot of games and is really good. He just won the SuperBowl. The man is the heart of Boston, alongside “Big Papi” David Ortiz. The heart and soul of New York is Derek Jeter. Derek Jeter played for the New York Yankees, and he retired at the end of last year. Derek Jeter was the heart of the Yankees and he was New York’s hero. He will be in the Hall of Fame before you know it. Everyone from the “Big City” loves Jeter. That’s why you would always see his commercial on tv. It was the Jeter cherishing his moments in New York and not only what New York meant to Jeter, but what Jeter meant to New York.

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Ray Allen is pictured above with his son. Ray Allen doesn’t just devote his life to basketball, but to his family. Ray’s son is his pride and joy.

Ray Allen, is one of the most respected NBA players in basketball. I don’t just praise the man on the court, but what he does off is amazing. His son has type 1 diabetes. Everyday they monitor what he eats and drinks. They give him insulin shots, sometimes up to ten at a time just to get his blood-glucose level in a safe range. After getting him to bed you probably think he’ll be good until morning, but he’s not. While asleep his blood sugars could come crashing down to scary levels and send him into a coma. So every night they have to wake him up every two hours to check his blood pressure. Due to his son’s diagnosis, he has opened a charity to find a cure to defeat type 1 diabetes. I already loved Ray Allen for his playing on the court, but once I really looked into his life, I found out about his son and his struggle everyday. So whenever the question of whether or not that we look up to athletes as role models is no question. We do, and they play a major effect on our lives.

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This quarterback plays for Northwestern. Currently, Northwestern is in a pending trial on athletes getting paid.

Another thing that the media brings to our attention is whether athletes should or shouldn’t get paid. This topic brings a whole lot of debate. Of course athletes argue that they should, but a lot of the college students say that they should not. The biggest argument that the students use is that athletes were given scholarships to play and it’s not fair that they should get extra money. A big counterargument is that college students can earn scholarships as well. So the only thing that they can really argue about is them getting payed for the games. They will argue that college students have to get a job and go work, but being an athlete, really you can’t work. Being a college athletes, you practice all the time. You have morning practice, you go to class, noon practice, more class and breaks, then evening practice. You have no time to put in their to work a job. So really they should be getting paid. They don’t have the opportunity to go and work because their daily schedule is filled with their sport. Another consideration to look at is how much money ESPN makes broadcasting a game. They make a whole lot, and honestly, the players should get a fraction of that income. They are the ones being recorded, and televised worldwide. Even if it’s barely anything, it’s something. College students don’t really care how much they get, because they really don’t have money at all. Really, most of the money they have is what their parents send to them. So college athletes should be getting some sort of income for playing sports. It should be perfectly okay. Analyst and marketers say yes, that they should. The totally agree to these men who work everyday in their sport to get paid for it. One of the biggest arguments that has taken place is Northwestern v. National Labors Relation Board. The National Labors Relation Board announced that Northwestern players were under the labor law, not the student law. Being under the labor law, this gave the students can get medical benefits and unionize. Northwestern has appealed the decision. This brings in the Kessler case, which is a lawsuit arguing against the NCAA its price-fixing when the NCAA sets the amount for grant-in-aid, tuition, room, and books. Price fixing, or when competitors decide to buy or sell something at a fixed cost, is illegal under section 1 of the sherman antitrust act. Which if Sherman wins this case, then the NCAA is most likely done. Once this would be lifted, then colleges will be giving payment packages. Basically, colleges will be throwing money at players, but this could work out. It’s a 50/50 chance. If it is to happen it will take a whole lot of effort, work, and luck.

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Derek Jeter, “The Captain”. RE2PECT was what Jeter offered. He is loved by all of New York. If you want to talk about a hometown hero, Jeter is your guy. This is the mark he made on New York.

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Tim Tebow Foundation, was founded by Tim Tebow. Tebow leads a lot of mission trips not only in our country, but various countries around the world. His ministry is one of the many reasons people think highly of Tim Tebow.

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Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers quarterback. Aaron Rodgers is loved by Wisconsin. He is a phenomenal athlete, and continues to express the sports world each year. He is one of the very best, and most consistent quarterbacks in the NFL.

A lot of people look out to the media for news and information on players. That being said, the top 10 most looked up athletes are in 10th, Tiger Woods, in 9th, Lebron James, in 8th, Aaron Rodgers, in 7th, Gabby Douglas, in 6th, Drew Brees, in 5th, Peyton Manning, 4th is Derek Jeter, 3rd is Lindsay Vonn, 2nd is Michael Phelps, and your winner, in 1st place, is Tim Tebow. Tiger Woods is known for golfing. He has won quite a few tournaments and has been pretty successful. Recently he hasn’t been winning like usual, he’s in a rough patch into his career, but he could come out of it. Now we go into our next athlete, Lebron James. Lebron James, also called King James, is an NBA star. A lot of people love and praise this man. The whole town of Cleveland loves him. In all seriousness, Lebron is one of the best basketball players known to mankind. He is a really great player. Honestly, I find it hard for him to be in the top ten though. Yes he is great, but the guy is cocky, and really arrogant. At the beginning of the playoffs two weeks ago, though were holding an interview with him. He was asked about his teammate Kevin Love, and whether or not Lebron takes responsibility in making sure he plays good. Lebron says yes he does. This isn’t nothing arrogant, but what he says next is. Lebron then starts talking about how when he doesn’t step in, Love plays horrible, but when he puts Love under his wing, he plays great and that he is the reason Love plays so well. Just listening to that made me so ticked. Love is a great player and right now the relations between Lebron and Love are horrible, but he has made the 9th in the top ten athletes. Now we go to Mr. Discount Double Check, Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers is 8th overall and I think 8th is a great fit. He is an amazing quarterback. If you look at his ratings they are some of the best. If you play fantasy football, you love having him on your team because each week you get lots of fantasy points. In our country there are a lot of cheeseheads, and the cheeseheads love there Aaron. Not only is he featured in football, but through commercials. That’s where you see Hanz and Franz pumping Aaron up, and him tanking them later. Now we’ve reached 7th place which is the one and only Gabby Douglas. Gabby Douglas is part of the fierce five and is known for her gymnastics. She’s pretty talented. At age 16 she won 2 gold medals in the 2012 gymnastics. She is just phenomenal. The young lady is just so talented. She even has movie about her going into the Olympics and winning the medals. To be that young and go to the Olympics and do so outstanding is amazing and it’s because of her hard-work and talent that she has made the top ten. For the 6th place spot we get to go down to the bayou where we meet Drew Brees. Who dat? Drew Brees is the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints. He is the all out leader of the New Orleans Saints. He’s been there forever and every rajun cajun loves him. He is the heart and soul of the cajuns. He is a great player, but for him to be number 6 is a little surprising. That being said, it’s not just my opinion, it’s America’s. Now we are halfway there at number 5, Peyton Manning. Peyton Manning started his career with the Indianapolis Colts. He played 14 seasons with the team. He’s a five-time league MVP. He led the Colts to victory in Super Bowl XLI. He later injured his neck his 14th season with the Colts. This was his third neck surgery in 18 months and this one costed him his season. After being midway through the healing process he was released by the Colts. Peyton was devastated. Things got better though, because he was then picked up by the Denver Broncos. His first year with the Broncos he took them to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, they lost to the Seattle Seahawks. Manning has played a total of 16 seasons so far and he’s still pushing strong. This year will be number 17. Now in 4th place is “The Captain”, Derek Jeter. Derek Jeter was the 6th pick in the 1992 amateur draft picked up by the New York Yankees. He made his MLB debut in 95, against Seattle. Jeter was a 14-time All-Star. Now when you want to talk about a player who is the heart of a team, Jeter is one of those players, if not, THE player. Derek Jeter was phenomenal. If you wanted to label anyone in baseball with the word “Respect” it was Derek Jeter. Last season you saw his commercial, it was on all the time. One day instead of driving to the stadium he decided to walk through town. He went by all the stores, talked with fans, just saw everyone. It was a great commercial. It really showed you who Jeter was. The man is a future hall of famer. So with all the respect and love for Jeter, it’s so easy to understand why he is 4th in our country. It wouldn’t even be surprising if he was 1st. With all his respect, he is valued by many. So he certainly deserves the spot. Now we have reached the top three. In 3rd place is Lindsay Vonn. In all honesty, I had no clue who that was so for her to be 3rd is a little surprising. That being said Lindsay Vonn is an American World Cup alpine ski racer. She has won four World Cup Championships. Lindsay Vonn is known as the most successful female ski racer in the world. She is the only woman to ever capture downhill gold at the Olympics and she is also the only woman with four World Cup titles. Exactly six weeks after she turned 20, she won her first World Cup victory. Looking at all of her championships, World Cup gold titles, wins, etc. it’s no shocker she is number three. She has won a whole lot. The girl is phenomenal. Not really knowing anything about her, I looked her up and saw her videos, and pictures and she’s amazing. The girl has skill and that’s definitely why she won has done all the winning. With her being a woman, I can also see that a lot of her position in the top ten comes from women all over our country just wanting to be her. Girls don’t want to be the next Lebron or Manning, they want to be the next Gabby Douglas or Lindsay Vonn. So with all of Vonn’s success, I can totally see where young girls, teen girls, even women, look up to her and all of her accomplishments. She’s really set the tone and has totally inspired a lot of women in our country. So it’s a well deserving place for the Lindsay Vonn.  In 2nd is a very talented swimmer, Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps is not only an American competition swimmer, but the most decorated Olympian of all time with a total of 22 medals. Michael Phelps is a beast, but it would probably make more sense if I just said fish. He was born to be in the water. The guy is so fast. With gold medals, comes a lot of attention, so for him to be 2nd I can understand it. Being the most decorated olympian this just helps with his fame. A lot of kids look up to him because of his talent. Swimming is a pretty big sport. It’s not one that’s all over the tv but it is one that is very popular. The only thing that I could see putting a damper in this is the photo of him holding the joint. If they had anything to do in affecting the pole, it makes you question whether or not it could’ve put him in first. Other than that, Michael Phelps is very talented and his accomplishments are come with great acknowledgement being second. Now finally we are at the 1st place position. The man who holds that position is totally deserving of it and honestly I look up to the guy. That man is Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow played for the Denver Broncos and in his first season he took them to the playoffs. He is an astounding athlete and he has also just been signed to the Philadelphia Eagles. Being signed to the Philadelphia Eagles, he has great potential to be their starting Quarterback. It’s not just his football abilities that give him this position. It’s what he does off the court. Tebow is really involved into a his very own Christian Organization group. He goes around and does a lot of mission trips, and spreads his faith to a lot of people. And these are the top ten most looked up to athletes in America.

In conclusion, the media has a grasp on our lives when dealing with sports. When thinking of sports, you think of the top athletes, the heros, your role models, your idols. Then they bring to you the latest news on college athletes getting paid, whether it should be right or whether it should be wrong. The media covers a lot of different things and it is great about bringing it to the front of your attention.

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