“Basketball is not only a game of skill, but a game of intelligence.” – Bill Russell.  One of the most famous basketball players known to man said this when he retired after winning his eleventh world basketball championship.  Most say he is what started the game of basketball, or that he revolutionized it into what we know today as basketball.  But what actually started the game of basketball?

The game of basketball is one of the few sports known to man that has it’s own originality to it.  What I mean by this is that it was made up originally, it wasn’t a cluster of other sports and rules thrown in to make basketball.  Basketball was one hundred percent original!  Most people don’t know, but basketball was first thought up in Springfield Massachusetts.  James Naismith was the person to give credit to for finding one of the most international sport in history, basketball!  He came up with the original thought because he wanted something fun to play, but less injury-prone than that of football.  Most people think basketball was thought up by a person throwing apple’s or peaches in a basket, and this was the original thought of the making of basketball.  This is just a myth.  To an extent this is a true statement, but for the most reason it is a folk lore.  A story that overtime got exaggerated.  The actual story behind the thought of basketball goes along the lines of a few guys wanting to have some fun, and had a basket nailed in the air, and they threw some soccer balls in it.  They quickly realized that getting the ball out of the basket was a very good workout, but tiring.  So instead, they cut a hole out of the bottom so the ball could come back to them. I’m not quite sure what ball was used, but my sources tell me that it was more than likely a soccer ball, and overtime the basketball brand grew to make their own ball.  The soccer ball theory makes sense, because the soccer ball was the only bigger ball that would be big enough to play with.  To Naismith’s surprise the game of basketball came to be one of the top sports played by the twentieth century!  Not only was it made up originally and not a bunch of sports combined, but it grew fast!  It didn’t take long until the game of basketball would become one of the most competitive sports known to man.  It not only grew fast on the streets, but in schools as well.  Schools started to incorporate the game of basketball into their student’s scholastic journey’s!  Then it “boomed” from there.  Going to colleges, to around the world, and then to the National Basketball Association.

The first recorded official basketball game was on the 21st of December in 1921.  This game was not for competition, but the game would eventually become one of the most competitive athletic sports in history.  Technically the game started to get competitive on the streets, but that was just to see who was top dog of the neighborhood.  When it really started to boom is when schools started to implement it into their schedule.  When’s schools started making teams, everyone knew that basketball was a big thing!  Once schools did it, colleges did it,  Then the NBA showed up,  Other wise known as the National Basketball Association.  Not only is this super competitive, but people would pay a lot of money to see these people play basketball.  Only the best of the best got to the NBA.  Studies show that only one percent of all college players go to the NBA.  That is a really small amount.  That’s like putting a rabbit into a one hundred acre corn field, and telling a kid to find it.  You’re the rabbit, and the kid is the NBA.  You are more than likely not gonna be found, until it’s too

Click here to watch what other people think about how the game of basketball has changed    When the game of basketball was first introduced, it was simple.  A lot more simple than it is nowadays.  Today’s understanding of basketball is much more complex than that of when it was first established as a sport.  LIke I said, it was simple.  There were two teams of five.  A coach for each team, and behind the coach were the assistants/trainers.  Each team had a goal, or a hoop if you will.  The object of the game was to put the ball into the hoop.  The other team could stop you.  The rules were easy to remember.  All you had to do (without getting a penalty called on you/your team) is dribble, not physically render the opposing team too bad, and score.  Each basket you would make is two points.  Simple right?  Now you have all kinds of different names for fouls, and if you shoot from a far enough distance you get three points.

The game of basketball has been revolutionized to the extreme!  It’s like a teenage girl, which puberty hit her like a train.  LIke I said, the game used to be simple.  Now it is complex.  Takes more memory and dedication to know the actual game of basketball.  One reason it has been revolutionized is the way we play now.  Back in the old days, there was one tactic. SCORE!  Of course you would try to stop the other team from scoring, but your main focus was to score.  In today’s game of basketball there are thousands of tactics a team has.  You have plays, trick plays, set plays, all kinds of things!  Just to put the ball in the basket!  Also since every basket, no matter the distance, was two points, teams would rush as hard as they could at the opposing team to get the closest to the basket as possible.  The closer you are, the easier it is to score.  Now, with range comes more points.  This is called the three point line.  Implemented in the eighties.  This changed the game tremendously.  Used to whoever had the biggest player would win, because you could just feed him the ball when he is close to the basket, and score.  Now, whoever can shoot it the best from the three pointer wins, since it is worth more points.  This relates to roles.  In the earlier years of basketball there were a couple of roles that were assigned to players on the court.  The roles would consist of someone bringing the ball down the court, preferably one who could see the whole court and pass with decent accuracy.  Then you would have someone who would do the majority of the scoring.  The other guys on the floor would just do whatever they could to help out the team in any way possible.  Whether that is snatching a rebound or hustling after loose balls.  The revolutionary way of playing basketball consists of many more roles than this.  You still have the main two roles, scoring and dribbling the ball down, but now there are many more.  You have: defensive specialists, three-point specialists, sixth men, role players, post presence, and the list goes on and on.  Just to show you how  slow the game has gotten over the years, and how back in the day it was about who could get down the floor the fastest and score: one December 13 1983 was the highest scoring game in history with the Detroit Pistons beating the Denver Nuggets 186-184.  That is a lot of, not only points, but running down the floor!  Even though now we have a three point line worth more points, there are different tactics teams try to play, which slows the game down tremendously.  WIth the result being less points, and less running required.  Now teams struggle just score one hundred points, even though more points are offered to them!  It is crazy to think it’s harder to score now even though there are more points to take!  It does not logically make sense!

Not to be racist or anything, but basketball has mainly turned into an African-American sport.  Which, by me, is perfectly fine.  Not only professional basketball here to watch and learn to be a better player yourself, it is also here for entertainment.  That is why is more a black sport.  Black people are scientifically more athletic than most white people, therefore they make it more fun.  Nowadays, it is all about who looks the coolest out on the court, dunk the best break the most ankles, pass the flashiest, and blacks show the ability to do these things on a more consistent basis than us plain ole white folks.

In 1936 is when basketball was a renowned international sport.  All countries across mother earth was competing in the game of basketball.  IT was such a big sport to play, they entered it into the olympics!  To see which country was the best.  Of course, the United States of America win it almost everytime, since ya’ know, it is an American sport and all!

Basketball now is one of the biggest international sports in history. It is played by nearly 250 countries. Thats the second most played sport in history, behind soccer. But no one likes soccer, so we can just say that basketball is number one.

During my research, I decided to interview one of the oldest basketball players I know to tell me a little more about how basketball used to be played.  Silas Jack Peden was born in 1952, and told me “I practically came out of the womb playin’ basketball!”  After a minute of laughs and giggles, we got back to seriousness.

“How was basketball like back then, versus now?”  The answer he gave me was a lot similar to what I explained earlier in this article.

“Well, son, in the stone ages where I am from, all we did was run up and down the court.  We constantly worked our butts off.  If we didn’t, coach would have our ass.  Now days, in the younger generation of basketball seems like anyone could care less.  Seems like kids don’t care anymore.  Like your mom said when she was a coach, it’s like parents just put them in basketball so someone will babysit their kids.  If the kids don’t care, their not going to try.  When I still played ball, basketball was all we had.  We had work, women, and basketball.  No one wanted to do the first one.  Women, their for doing in the night, (at this moment I could do nothing but chuckle) and basketball was all we had left.  Every second of spare time we had, everyone was playing.  So to answer your question, people when I played cared about the game.  Now, seems like very few kids care anymore.  It hurts my heart, because the game means so much to me.”

“So how has the game evolved over time?”

“Oh my, honestly doesn’t even seem like the same game!  We didn’t have a three point line, half court line, nothin’ compared to today!  All we had was a court, a few bleachers, and some basketballs.  Teams now days have all this technology and stuff, big stadiums, but realistically that is not going to make your team better.  So why spend all that money, ya’ know?”

These were just a few questions I had with Silas.  Take it from the veteran, basketball has changed tremendously.  Whether it’s a good thing or bad, that’s your choice.