Kathryn Stockett

As I look around all I see are the twelve other seniors that are about to embark on a new chapter of there lives. Being a senior I have many things that go through my head on a daily basis. What college am I going to attend, what am I going to do when I leave home, and am I ever going to get to come back and manage again? When I look up and see all of the athletes and my mother and father walking toward me to give me a gift all I can think about is not seeing them on a daily basis. The one thing I am going to miss the most is not being around the ones I love the most everyday.

As I watch my daughters name called, I start to cry. While I am walking toward her, I can hear the principle in the background talking about her future and all of the things she has done through her high school career. When I hear him say she is going to go to college and work toward her Doctorate in Education, all I can do is cry because of how proud I am. The one thing I now for sure is that, that is my daughter and I am the proudest mother there could ever be.

“Our next senior is Abby Nichols.” As I hear this I think to myself what could a coach ask more of a student? I am so proud to have such a great member part of the athletic department. As she walks toward me I get tears in my eyes because of all the work she has done for me. When she leaves, I am not only losing a great worker, but I am losing a team member.