Dean Koontz

It was a cold dark night in Ferguson, Missouri. All the streets stood still, soundless, and black. As you go down through the streets you find nothing, but emptiness. As you get to the very center of town you come along a street. It’s darker than all the others and you can feel a very dark presence. It starts filling your body with anxiety and fear. The next thing you know a fog starts setting in. Moving through the fog is something very evil. Its legs are scurrying through the mist. It sounds like knives are scraping the asphalt of the roads.

“Mom, how much farther?” “We still have a few more hours sweetie, just go back to sleep, we’ll be there when you wake up.” Katy Roberts is driving to St. Louis with her son Jeffrey. They’ve already driven about 4 hours. Before they get to St. Louis though, they have to go through the town of Ferguson. Ferguson has become a very dark place in the last few days, but they don’t know that. They should be ok though, just as long as they don’t stop.

Katy has reached Ferguson. She’s halfway through the town when she sees the gas light come on. She stops at the next gas station she drives upon. She pulls into the first station and steps out. She goes around the car to the pump and starts filling the car. As she waits for the car to fill up she hears something. She spins around real fast and she sees a cat spilling over a trash can. She feels relieved. When she turns back around her throat is sliced. After being sliced, legs start scurrying away. While all this is happening, Jeffrey is sound asleep inside.