Christopher Paolini, Linguine

The griffon flew overhead screeching with hatred for all of the world. Nothing had ever been done to the griffon, however, the griffon had been exposed to humans ever since it could remember, it had contracted greed, hatred, and loathing for everything that stands in his way. He was like this until the day he died, but he wasn’t like this in the beginning. In the beginning he was just as optimistic as any toddler or child is, he even had a human friend. That human friend was what changed everything for the griffon. 20 years prior:  The egg twitched and shook, and began to crack, the young griffon began to force it’s egg tooth outside of the newly formed hole, it forced it’s head through the hole causing more cracks to go throughout the eggshell opened his eyes and saw it’s mother gazing down upon the egg, watching it break. The young griffon looked around and saw that he was the only egg, and then he looked back at his mother and then he noticed the small funny creature next to his mother, standing on two legs and about what he guessed three feet tall would be. He looked at it and it looked back at him, but then it went black.