Book I enjoyed

I read a book a long time ago about a time very distant in the future in which people became diseased and flaked from the disease but didn’t wish to help themselves. They lived perfectly fine diseased. Everyone has the disease and the people who live without it have to bathe in medicine filled pools of water. The numbers of healthy are dwindling in a war against the diseased and so a twelve year old boy joins in a game designed to choose the next group of warriors, sort of against his will, and ends up winning by outwitting them. What I really enjoyed about the book was how much the main hero who was portrayed as being the best of the best at first ends up failing at everything. He has the persistence to actually walk and almost become diseased a lot but for some reason whenever he reaches his destination, instead of being a big hot shot hero, he becomes imprisoned, at least five different times. What was strange was that the spirits I guess you could say were the only things really saving the day which makes you wonder why the hero even exists. The white bats and the red and black vulture like birds were always at war with each other and the battle of the humans really wasn’t significant. Yet for some reason they weren’t the main focus of the story. What was important was how focused the story was on the absolutely hugely mistaken thinking process of the main characters. At every spare chance they messed up in one way or another. They either stole a car, took over the military from the king and got every last one of them killed, and wandered around in the desert on a hunch. The thinking was always so morally based nonetheless and I was so overly disappointed with the character that I kept reading it! It was so ridiculous I can’t believe I actually kept going whether out of boredom or well mostly because I had an AR goal then, which is now a thing of the past for everyone. Anyway, it was very interesting that messing up was part of their road to success. Letting themselves sort of get beat up by the flow was what lead to their ultimate win and in the end one of the main characters was the enemy who decided to choose her friends over power. It was still very overwhelming to try to root for any main characters as no one was very good at figuring things out, which is the style that I enjoy, however somehow someway the mere persistence of the characters even without brains or hope was somehow very inspiring. Just the will to continue going on with their quest despite the fact that they really weren’t very good at anything was enough to keep reading the book. The main character can not give up.


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