The Pretty Little Liars Series from Sara Shepard are amazing books about four girls; Hanna, Aria, Emily, and Spencer, who are being stalked by A. Their friend Alison disappears while everyone is sleeping at their seventh grade end-of-the-year slumber party. Only later to find out that she had died and was buried in her own back yard. After the girls mourn they start getting threatening notes by A. The girls find out that the Alison that they new was really Alison’s crazy twin, Courtney. Courtney went to a mental hospital and was out a weekend before the girls started being friends so Courtney acted like she was Alison so she wouldn’t have to go back to the hospital. When it was time to go back their parents took the real Alison back instead of Courtney. Courtney ruined Alison’s life by dumping her cool friends and hanging out with the losers but little did Courtney know, her sister was ready to ruin her life. The real Alison is the one that killed the “Alison” that went missing at the slumber party. The real Alison showed up years later and made up a lie to the girls telling them that the “Ali” that died was really her twin sister and that she was the Alison that all of the girls knew and were friends with. She invited the four girls to her summer house to catch up. When they did, Alison burnt the house down with the hope of getting the four girls trapped and burned with the house, after she left a note to them explaining everything. The girls made it out safe but as they suspected so did Alison. They all continue to get notes from A. Threatening to tell all of their secrets.

Sarah Shepard writes in a style in the pretty little liar books that attracts her intended audience. She writes in the view of the four girls and is very descriptive when she writes. Shepard uses wording and vocabulary that suites them best. Shepard had many different topics and themes that add to the style of her writing. She wrote about bulling, murder, drug addiction, underage drinking, eating disorders, sexuality, peer presser, and mental illness.