Writing Style

“A writers style is what sets his or her writing apart and makes it unique. Style is the way of writing to fit the specific context, purpose, or audience. Word choice, sentence fluency, and the writer’s voice all contribute to the style of the authors writing. How a writer chooses words and structures sentences to achieve a certain effect is also an element of style.” David Foster Wallace, is one of the most innovative writers. He has influenced an entire generation of authors. His writing is self-conscious, post-ironic, and extensional. Wallace was not afraid to write about his success or failures. He was open to his own failures and struggles, which made learning from him easier. In his book, he laid out his own thoughts on living productively. I am inspired by his writing because of the true feelings he pours out on to the paper. In his book Infinite Jest, Wallace touched only many touching topics. He talks about a substance-abuse recovery center.Some of his topics include addiction, recovery, and family  relationships. How he approached each topic carefully, he understands the struggle between each one of them. David Foster Wallace’s style of writing inspires me greatly in his book.


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