Max the Cat Detests Watermelon.

So I have never been sold into sex trafficking, been a victim of the Khmer Rouge, or even lived in the slums for any period of time, but when I read Patricia McCormick’s work, I still feel like I can relate. What sets Patricia apart from other authors is her attention to detail. For each book, she conducts interviews, visits survivors, plans trips out of the country, and takes every possible measure to make her account as accurate as possible. There is no sugarcoating the truth to her, only the raw reality, making her stories both eye-opening and devastating at the same time. The way that she incorporates vernacular and emotions is unparalleled by any other author that I have ever read. The main character is always a teen or a preteen, making the feelings and thoughts the same as her intended audiences’, creating the feeling that you are experiencing everything with them. Patricia also has a way of focusing on real world issues that often go unnoticed in our country of luxury. In her best-seller, Sold, she wrote,”Simply to endure, is triumph.” Through simple language and vivid description, McCormick perfectly highlights the reality of living in oppression, something that I have never had to face, but understand and have felt through her characters. She highlights the importance of faith, hope, and innocence. By the end of her story, everything not only ties together, but you are also left educated about what is really happening. For example in her story Sold, Patricia tells the story of a 12-year-old girl sold into sex slavery. She explains the lie told to the locals about these girls being told they are going to work in the city as maids, the intention of the girls to make better lives for their family members, their heartbreak when they discover the truth, their misery in the business, their feelings of emptiness, and their triumphs along the way.


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