Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz is probably one of my favorite authors. I can actually get into the book when I read it. I’m just  not a reader, so when I have to read, I read one of his books. I can actually get into it and put myself there in the story. It’s more of a scary, horror kind of book. They are easy to read, very descriptive, and his books make you a character in them. They are long books with 300-400 pages, but the extra pages just add extra details. Not only do I like them, but so does everyone else. With his book STRANGERS, Mary Higgins Clark states that “It’s a unique spellbinder that captures the reader on the first page. Exciting, enjoyable, and an intensely satisfying read.” Los Angeles Times states that Phantoms is, “First-rate suspense, scary and stylish.” New York Times adds, “It pulls out all the stops…an incredible, terrifying tale. Real suspense…tension upon tension.”

I’m currently reading his book, The Servants Of Twilight, and the second I opened it and opened that first page I was absorbed into it. At the beginning this mother and child are walking home and they pass by an old woman. Nothing unusual about it, she’s being really sweet and nice. Then, she starts cussing the little boy out and telling the mother that she better kill the boy. They get out of their, and then during the night at the house, the boy screams for his mother. The mother rushes in and ask what’s wrong. He saw the old lady at his window. The only reason he knew was because his dog started barking like crazy and he glanced over and saw her. They called the cops, and they didn’t find anything so they thought she was crazy. The next morning they wake up, the boy goes looking for his dog. He goes outside and the second he opens the door theirs the dog…beheaded. The cops are called again. The night before gets brought up and the officer says that we don’t believe both of these events to be related. The mother tells him that they are, and about the old lady. The officer doesn’t even puts it to note, and asks if she has any neighbors that hate the dog and that it was most likely one of them. Just giving a brief entrance into the story, I’m already into this blog. I’m enjoying just writing about it, but my explaining isn’t near as good as how Dean Koontz explains it. The way he is able to convey his books are amazing. He is one of the best authors ever. I love his books. When reading, you get encompassed into it the second you open it.