Book that interests me

There are many books that interest me.  The Odyssey is the book that interests me the most.  This book is by Homer.  The reason I like this book is because of the plot.  Homer did an amazing job in making a very unique plot.  Not only the plot is good, but what the story is about.  It makes the book… literally. The story is very amazing. In a nutshell,  the book is about this guy named Odysseus.  The back story of this book is: Odysseus just got out of a war, Troy. (There is also a book during this war, and is also really good).  Everyone thought that Odysseus had died, even his wife Penelope.  So this book is Odysseus’ travel home.  On his way home, he meets many obstacles.   For example, the sirens, from my understanding, are girls on this island who sing/ scream to try and lure sailors to their island.  The sirens basically try and hypnotize you with their beautiful singing.  There is also a hydra, poly headed monster, named Scylla.  There was also an enormous whirlpool called Charybdis.  Why they named a whirlpool, I don’t know.  It just added to the amazing story line!  Later on in the book, after he gets past all the obstacles he is faced with the biggest problem in his entire life.  His wife, Penelope, did not recognize him.  See this story was not meant to seem like his journey home was short, it was actually a span of 13 or so years (including the war).  So that means Penelope, hadn’t seen him for many many years.  The human body changes over an amount of time.  Also, Penelope was one of the finest maiden’s in all of the land.  So everyone tried to get with her.  When Odysseus got home and Penelope never recognized him, he was devastated.  After a minute, Odysseus had a brilliant idea: their bed.  To prove he was actually the real Odysseus, he would tell Penelope the only thing that the real Odysseus would know.  I can’t quite remember what exactly it was, but Penelope ended up believing him, and they live happily ever after.

Now lets get to the writing style.  It is one of the most unique writing styles I have ever witnessed.  It was a combination of old time language and modern language.  They used old time language more than modern, but you could tell there was some modern in there at times.  My favorite is the old time, though.  It helps me get more into the story when I struggle reading it.  All the old time words are harder to read for me since it’s not the norm for me.  Anyways, the writing style was very unique and I would read any book that has this writing style any day of the week.


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