A couple of years ago, I read a book. The book I read was called “Yellow Star” written by Jennifer Rozines Roy. This book is about a little Jewish girl who grew up in Germany. Roy does a great job of expressing how the child felt. She describes how scary it was when someone would knock on the door. The idea of never knowing how long you had before you were captured would be nerve-racking. Many kids would lose their parents and grow up being moved from home to home all across Germany. Everyday families would be captured and sent to concentration camps to suffer the rest of their life. The kids that managed to survive the whole war were the lucky ones. The child managed to survive, and long with two other siblings. Their town was about to be invaded causing the family to move the children from cellar to cellar. Roy was a very descriptive writer. The book was actually  based on her grandmother’s childhood. After the war, her grandma moved to the United States where she later grew old and was able to tell her story. Roy’s grandmother had a rough life. I could not imagine what it would be like to grow up being hated by so many people. Being a child growing up watching your family being killed off by one guy must be traumatizing. Roy’s writing style in this book is very descriptive, allowing you to visualize the story. She not only describes how the child felt, she also provided the outlook on other Jewish families. Often times, Jewish families would send their children as far away as possible to spend time with their “cousins”. When the soldiers would come to search the homes, the children would have to hide out in cellars and be as quiet as possible. If the children were to be found they would be prepared to lie. If the soldiers did not believe the lie, usually the whole family would be killed. Sometimes, the soldiers would raid the homes of their own kind and take their food. During that time, rations became a normal thing. If a family were hiding pigs for food, the pigs would be killed or the father of the family would be killed. Some families would send their children off on a boat in hopes of crossing the lake or river to make it to a different country. The soldiers soon caught on, and would raid boats. The story of this little girl is rather sad. It is hard to believe how harsh someone could be. The book “Yellow Star” was a great book. I would recommend reading it if you like true stories about the Holocaust.